Alive in Berlin 2015

ALIVE is a global gathering of world-changers in Berlin, 29-30 May 2015

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Alive in Berlin is a global gathering devoted to personal transformation that takes place on the 30th and 31st of May 2014 in Europe’s most exciting city.

The event will bring together world-class experts, visionaries and change makers from a variety of communities and disciplines.

Together, we’ll explore the common threads that connect us and make us come alive.

The core themes we’ll be exploring are:

Work &

& Sex

& Spirituality

Health, Food
& Fitness

& Aspiration


 A Shared Commitment to Change

Alive in Berlin is a unique opportunity to surround yourself with other extraordinary people who are committed to changing themselves and the world around them for the better.

Our keynote speakers include experts in business, creativity, adventure, health and passion.

“Together we’ll explore the common threads that connect us and make us come alive.”

We also want to strengthen the bonds between our communities in Europe, the US and the rest of the world – again, focusing on what we have in common -passion, rebelliousness, and a powerful curiosity and hunger for change.

We believe that by sharing our stories and knowledge in an open and relaxed atmosphere, we can hold each other to higher standards and build a support network that transcends topic area and geography.

It’s our mission to nurture your dreams and ambitions and enable you to walk away with the mindset, practical tools and confidence to step up your game and create lasting change in your own community and the world at large.


Six Reasons Why You’ll Love Alive in Berlin!

The Experience

Alive in Berlin is not just about getting a temporary hit of inspiration, it’s about making deep connections and coming away with a solid plan of action.

Rather than leaving with your head in the clouds, overwhelmed with information and ideas and ultimately coming back down to earth with a bump, we want you to feel confident, re-energised and ready to wholeheartedly step all areas of your life up to the next level over the long-term.

The two-day event will include 8 brilliant expert speakers from a wide range of disciplines, space throughout the weekend for relaxed conversation and interaction, daily Q&A sessions where you can interact directly with many of our speakers and coaches, and opportunities to get active and involved for those who want to. There will also be a chill room and coffee corner to relax, reflect and take time out if you need to!


Not just a conference.

“I’m coming to ALIVE in Berlin for many reasons. I’m coming to connect and bond with like-minded people who believe the kind of life I want is possible and attainable. I’m looking forward to being inspired by the speakers, the attendees and the organisers. And I also want more practical ideas as to how I can feel more Alive in every area of my life. Excitingly, I’m also bringing my one and a half month old along for the ride, to celebrate the beginning of her/his life by showing up to mine.”

– Carolina, London, UK, Freelance Copywriter at

Keynote Speakers

Our very cherished ALIVE keynote speakers and workshop leaders include bestselling authors, TED level speakers and enthusiasts from all walks of life guaranteed to move and groove attendees at their deepest core.

Other Contributors


Who’s it for?

Alive is for people like us. People who are curious, who want the most out of life, who aren’t willing to settle for second best. People who want to change their lives and the world around them, and are willing to work hard to make it happen. People who crave deep connections and meaningful conversation, not empty words and superficial small talk.

This is our time, this is our fun, this is our tribe. This is our chance to come together and become a movement. By changing ourselves, we can begin to change the world.

The Alive Tribe

‘Having it all’ is not just a pipe dream, but a real possibility, whether we want to run our own business, achieve our fitness goals, travel or just simply enjoy life to the full, or do all of the above – we believe it can be done.

But it takes a mindset shift, a commitment to personal growth and conscious practice, and a support network of like-minded, action-oriented people.

That’s why we’ve intentionally limited the event to no more than 400 attendees to allow for conversation and connection.

We’ll also invite all attendees to connect through a private Facebook group so we can stay in touch throughout the year and continue to support each other’s endeavours.

We want to create a movement

We believe that people like us can be a powerful catalyst for wider change. By proudly living our lives according to our most deeply held values, we change the conversation and become leaders in our communities.

“Be daring, be different,
be impractical,
be anything that will assert
integrity of purpose
and imaginative vision
against the play-it-safers,
the creatures
of the commonplace,
the slaves of the ordinary.”
Cecil Beaton, Note to Self

Our entire team has had life-changing experiences at similar events, from connections that have turned into great friendships or joint ventures, to an increased confidence and sense of possibility and positivity that has enabled us to make significant changes in our lives.

We have designed Alive in Berlin to have the same impact for everyone who attends, but of course that’s down to you – which is why it’s so important that you join us, and help spread the word!


This is our time, this is our fun, this is our tribe.


What does it mean to come ALIVE?

For some people, it’s about starting a business or a dream. For others, it’s finding the root of who they are and connecting back to their authentic self. For others, it’s about giving back and doing things that matter.

For us, it boils down to connection.

Conferences aren’t just about finding more information or adding inspiration to the noise. Of course we’ll inspire you—we’ve got great speakers lined up to rock your socks off. And we’ll give you awesome skills and lessons to help with your growth. But we want more. We want to create a space where you can connect, grow, move, and play.

Come together with us to come Alive. Connect. Play.

Hear the real stories, not just the inspiration.

To make a major change, to shift our perspective and raise our lives to a new level, we need to undergo a transformative experience. We need to immerse ourselves fully in that experience. And when we come out the other side, there’s no going back. The old way of life is no longer our reality, because we’ve seen a new way of life, and we know that it’s what we want. We know that life will never be the same again. We don’t want it to be.

This is what you’re craving: stories about the way that life could be. About what might be. About what’s actually possible—beyond the doldrums of daily life. Join a community of passionate change-makers who want to make meaningful contributions with their work and their lives. But first they need to look after themselves.

Learn—and implement.

Shift your mindset. Learn tools to take with you. Action-filled keynotes and hands-on workshops to take what you’ve learned and implement it immediately.

It’s not enough to listen; we believe in action. We’re developing a core curriculum that embodies what we believe in, down to playtime, connection time, and breakout sessions to give you time to hit pause and reflect and put your skills into action. Alone or with others.

Take steps towards change.

Sometimes incremental change is enough, but often, we need to make a major shift. We’ll open with awe-inspiring visions to help you make empowering shifts in your mindset to allow you to shed any limiting beliefs that might be holding you back. We’ll get into the nitty-gritty—honouring the smallest puzzle pieces that are blocking us from big wins, and learn how to grow forward and make change.

Find your community and connect to others.

Change doesn’t happen alone. The truth is, what you’re doing at the moment probably isn’t working otherwise you’d already have what you really want.

Meet other people who are walking a new path towards feeling fully alive, just like you. Connect into a deeper vision, and a network. Learn from your fellow attendees. Make new life long friends. Share your vision.

We need each other to facilitate these improvements. We need to see and hear from people who are where we want to be, in the flesh. Visceral, real life experience that you can’t ignore or keep at arm’s length. Commitment to demand more from life and reaching our full potential requires physical presence, immersion, interaction. Walk away feeling excited, alive, buzzing, ready for a new way of life.

Life is beautiful when we all truly come alive:

We believe:



Join us.

Come Alive.


It’s time to have a different conversation.

“This promises to be a breakthrough event for Europe bringing together some of the brightest, most positive and influential people from all over the world. I certainly want to be in the same room as these people when they share their knowledge and experiences of how they became ultra-successful in their field.
It’s a great venue and the speakers and contributors at Alive in Berlin are people thatare out to positively contribute to the world with businesses that are ethical and moral. There’s a gap in Europe for this kind of conference and it’s so exciting knowing that I will be networking with like-minded people for an energising and life-changing experience at Alive in Berlin.”

– Rakesh Patel, UK, Owner of CrossFit West Yorkshire & Asian Wellbeing Coach 


We’ll be taking over Berlin City on Friday and Saturday the 29th and 30th of May 2015!

We invite you to make this a long weekend trip and use the Sunday to play, connect with other Alivers and explore the gorgeous, historical capital of Europe (and we’ll even help you choose what to see and do!).

Expect the unexpected, we have some surprises in store for you!

buzz-guy1“I am currently plotting my escape from the 9-5 grind. Coming to ALIVE in Berlin for me takes me waayy out of my comfort zone! I’m really excited about connecting with like-minded people, soaking up the insights from the amazing speakers and coming up with a plan to take my life to the next level!”

– Mike Emery, Harrogate, UK, IT Professional and Owner of Tyreflip


The Kalkscheune will be our appropriately unique venue for this inaugural event, and is located in the heart of Berlin, right next to the world famous Friedrich Stadtpalast, close to the hussle and bussle of the central Alexanderplatz and the gorgeous area of Hackesche Hoefe, with plenty of different lodging and food options in the area for our attendees.

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Join us at The Kalkscheune in the heart of Berlin.

buzz-laura“I’m coming from Kosovo! But actually by the time May rolls around, I will be on a one year sabbatical after 15 years of traveling the world and working in the international development sector in too many (though amazing) places to count. I am going to Berlin, to connect with like-minded people who want to lead creative lives from their HEARTS not from their desks… I cannot wait to feel ALIVE in Berlin!”

– Laura Fragiacomo, Pristina, Kosovo, Yoga and Wellbeing Coach

Our Team


buzz-laura“To me, ALIVE represents something truly unique: an opportunity for personal growth in all of the meaningful areas of life. It will be a conference like no other, focusing far more on quality of teaching and allowing time and space for rumination and socialization. I can’t wait to attend!”

– Tom Ewer, UK, Freelance writer and a professional blogger at Leaving Work Behind

lea“Alive in Berlin is the perfect occasion to nourish my soul and let my heart shine. Vibrancy, drive and inspiration is what I feel just thinking about the future get-togethers of this group of change-makers. Enjoying an outstanding time with like-minded, inspiring “alivers” gets me sooo excited. As a plus for me: It’s only a stone’s throw from Zurich. Alive in Berlin 2014 is a camp on my journey to my personal Everest.”

– Lea Holzer, Zurich, Switzerland, Optimiser, Artist, Energy Engineer and Blogger at Lea’s Heart Art

You Got Questions? We Got Answers!

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How much is it and what do I get for my money?

General Ticket

What’s included:
• General Seating
• ALIVE Life Plan Workbook
• ALIVE tote bag
• Morning and Afternoon Snacks and Drinks
• Admission to all keynotes, workshops and most scheduled activities
• Admission to the Big ALIVE Party on Friday Night

£349 / approx. 419 EUR

Buy Now

VIP Ticket

For those of you who love to sit in the front row and enjoy some special treatment we are also offering a very small number of VIP tickets.
What’s included:
• Everything from general tickets plus these cool features:
• Priority Check-In
• Front Row and Centre Seating for all Keynotes
• Special care by our very own VIP Hostess
• 3 Months Free Membership of the super secret ALIVE Academy
• A 30-minute Implementation Strategy Session with ALIVE Creator and Life Coach Extraordinaire Jana Schuberth within 3 months post the event.

£479 / approx. 579 EUR

Buy Now


Who is a Very Important Person, if not YOU!?
Whatever you choose…


What about accommodation?

You’ll have to make your own travel and accommodation arrangements but we are pinning super cool guides to Berlin and tips around where to stay and what to see on our Pinterest board to make it very easy for you to join us and have fun!

Refund / exchange policy (please read!):

All AiB tickets are non-refundable. Transfers and name changes on tickets are available for a £75 fee up to 45 days prior to the event. After April 15th 2014 no further transfers or name changes will be possible.

What do you mean by ‘alive’?

Life is about feeling ALIVE.

The moment you snort with laughter, the moment when you sign up for a new challenge and your heart leaps. Or when you stand on the ledge, just about to jump into the unknown: handing in your resignation without having another job to go to. Sharing your controversial, but honest opinion, no longer worried what others may think. Hitting ‘Publish’ on your first blog post. Biting into the sweetest, juiciest strawberry you’ve ever had. Laughing out loud with your new best friend. Winning the contract. Setting new personal records. Running. Dancing like no one is watching, even if they are. Breathing in cold mountain air, mesmerised by the view. Holding a yoga pose for 2 minutes for the first time. Doing your first real pull up. Falling in love. Doing what others thought was impossible.

This conference is for people who want more of those ALIVE moments.

What do you mean by “taking all areas of our lives to the next level”?

Whilst some walk through life complaining, passive and reactive, as if life was something that happened TO them, WE want more from life. We DEMAND more from life. We want self-actualisation AND financial freedom from our work. We want flexibility of time AND withdraw in complete silence and contemplation. We want the newest technology AND old school letters and heart to heart chats with our closest friends. We want to travel the world AND make money at the same time, having fun. We want to achieve our own personal goals AND do good in our communities around the world. We want to eat ice cream and chocolate from time to time AND maintain low body fat and a vibrant energy. We want inspiration, knowledge and support AND to have the freedom to follow our own path. We want spiritual enlightenment AND worldly possessions, passion and sexual desire AND long, happy relationships.

Is that too much to ask?



buzz-laura“I have had the joy of working with and knowing one of the organisers for a while now. So much amazing stuff has come out of what she has shown me. I can only imagine what 48 hours worth of energy, love and passion from all of the Alive speakers–and of course, the attendees–will feel like. I look forward to meeting and sharing with many inspiring people.”

– Nicole Rose, Gold Coast, Australia, Artist & CEO of CREATE Training

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